Post-Fellowship Outreach

Geothermal resources around the world: Insights from the Hugh C. Morris Fellowship I recently had the opportunity to share stories and scientific insights from my travels as a Hugh Morris Fellow. [...]

Geothermal in Germany

It may seem surprising that I chose Germany as a stop on a world tour of geothermal resources. The country certainly doesn’t top the list of geothermal producers worldwide, generating only 40 MW [...]

Iceland: A Geothermal Hot Spot

When you think of geothermal energy, Iceland immediately comes to mind. Situated on a segment of mid-ocean ridge fortuitously intersected by a mantle plume, the heat flow is very high, and [...]

Staying Warm in Alaska

The first leg of my fellowship travels is now complete, and I write this enroute to Iceland, with the gorgeous Brooks Range, and Canadian Arctic Archipelago passing underneath. My visit to Alaska [...]

A Summer Spent in the Trenches

It has been a busy, busy summer! Since early May, I think I have spent a grand total of 4 weeks at home in Edmonton, and for the rest I’ve been occupied with TA’ing field school, [...]