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The Climate Collaborative for Educators is a jointly created program designed by Sue Roppel (Kimberley Foundation), Tom Harding (West Point Grey Academy), and Dr. Travis Fuchs (Crofton House)

Returning for its 4th year, we have evolved our unique immersive climate change professional development program – The Climate Collaborative for Educators – for 2024  through a continuing partnership with the Independent Schools Association of British Columbia (ISABC).  Targeted to ISABC teachers (Grades 7-12), staff, counsellors and administrators, the multi-event series will combine multidisciplinary climate change learning with hope-focused, eco-anxiety reducing strategies for classrooms and schools. Participants will work together to create enhanced climate change products (curricular modules and units, resource and toolkits) for the classroom and new approaches and strategies for the school.



Curriculum Creation

Classroom Interactives

Help us develop the interactives library.  If you try any of them out, we’d love your feedback. If you adapt them, we’d love to learn how. If you have your own interactives that you’d love us to consider adding to the site, please share them with us. To do any of this, email Sue Roppel at [email protected].



CO2 Emissions Globally

(Measured in Tonnes)

This Year

Water Consumed Globally

(Measured in Millions of Litres)

This Year

Energy Used Globally

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This Year



Data provided by Worldometers. Visit their website to learn about these and other indicators.

OCTOBER 20th, 2023 PRO-D DAY

“Inspiring Climate Action in BC Secondary Schools”

When: Friday, 20th October 2023, 9:30am-3:00pm
Where: Brentwood College, Vancouver Island
Who: All are welcome.
Cost: $40 (includes lunch and workshops)
Transport from the Mainland:  Complimentary bus service between Swartz Bay, Departure Bay and Brentwood College have been arranged (limited space, specific ferry meet-ups, see details on full agenda).

What: Session workshops will model innovative practice by BC educators and innovators as they tackle the complex issue of climate change. Be inspired by practical examples of teachers building students’ climate literacy and climate action. Participants will actively participate during workshops and we hope leave with new inspiration and new resources for their own climate change education journey.

Highlights of the Day:

  1. Keynote speaker: ‘Inspired, Invested, Ingenious: Youth and Climate
    Resilience’, Dr. Robin Cox, Professor, Director of Resilience By Design
    Lab, Royal Roads University
  2. BC innovators tackling climate change (Origen Air, Cascadia Seaweed,
    Commutify, City of Victoria, Wilson School of Design – Kwantlen
    Polytechnic University)
  3. Project presentations (from curriculum units to system-wide tools) created during the 2022 and 2023 Climate Collaborative for Educators
  4. Opportunity to learn about the Climate Collaborative for Educators (2024) sponsored by the ISABC.




About the FOCUS! Teachers Excellence in Environmental Education and Communication Awards

Ms. Christine Avey (Westmount Charter School) [Winner]

Ms. Catherine Corkery (St. Anne Catholic Elementary School) [Finalist]
Mr. Duncan Sinclair (East Elgin Secondary School) [Finalist]
Ms. Ali McTavish (Mulgrave School) [Noteworthy Achievement]
Dr. Sacha Noukhovitch (Earl Haig Secondary School [Noteworthy Achievement]
Dr. Terri Willard (Seven Oaks Met School) [Noteworthy Achievement]


About the FOCUS! Schools Take Action to Change Climate Change Leadership Award

The FOCUS! Schools Take Action to Change Climate Change award recognizes the central role that schools play in modelling and inspiring positive environmental action. Awards of $10,000 were granted to two schools that demonstrated excellence in environmental and climate change leadership in at least one or more of the following areas:

  • significant reduction of the school’s carbon footprint, resource use, and/or waste output;
  • development of innovative programs or initiatives that encourage climate change reduction activities by members of the school and/or local community;
  • creation of innovative tools, approaches or programs that lead to significant environmental and leadership skills development by students that will uniquely equip them to become future climate change leaders;
  • installation or performance of unique creative works that raise awareness, inspire action and which demonstrate the role creative works have in creating a sustainability-focused culture;
  • implementation of programs, initiatives or a school culture that instills a high level of environmental sustainability and climate change consciousness among its student, educator, staff and broader community; and,
  • implementation of an ongoing program of unique professional advancement activities in environmental education and climate change topics for its teaching staff with a demonstrated record of excellence in supporting innovation, risk taking, and experimentation by teachers seeking to enhance climate change awareness through their teaching and curricula.

St. George’s School of Montreal [Co-Winner]
(Principal: Ms. Nathalie Bossé)

Career and Technology Centre [Co-Winner]
(Program Lead: Mr. Adam Robb)

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