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BREAKING NEWS!  We are redesigning and expanding the FOCUS! initiative. Visit our website September 15, 2019  to learn about all the new ways students, teachers and schools can take part in our competition. There will still be a secondary film competition of course, but exciting new ways for non-film buffs to participate and help us all Change Climate Change!

FOCUS! Videos for Change

Calling all students in Grades 8-12 in Canada.  We want your creativity, your inspiration, and your video-making skills to help spread the word about climate change and its impact on our world. Help inspire others to live sustainably and win great prizes!

2019/2020 Competition opens September 15, 2019!

2019 FOCUS! Red Carpet Screening Trailer

Most of the clips contained within the 2019 FOCUS! Red Carpet Screening Trailer are shot and produced by Canadian youth who submitted entries into the FOCUS! 2019 Climate Change Video Competition.

Cool Innovations

We will be updating our site each week in the Fall with cool new innovations. Return to our site regularly to see what exciting developments are changing our world. Additional innovations, interesting websites, and change-making organizations can be found on our Learn About Climate Change page.

FOCUS! Student Climate Changemakers

Program Launching September 15, 2019

FOCUS! Climate Change Leaders (Teachers)

Program Launching September 15, 2019

FOCUS! Schools Take Action

Program Launching September 15, 2019

Climate Change News

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