Hugh Morris Fellowship

Hugh Morris Fellowship

Journey. Transform. Lead.

7 February 2018 – Board of Directors Announcement

We have amended the provision regarding the duration and start date for proposed experiential learning programs. This updated provision, stated below, provides added flexibility to the start date and duration of the experiential learning program.

Typically, the Hugh C. Morris Experiential Learning Fellowship is intended to support activities over a course of a four (4) to eight (8) month period. However, the timeline will be unique to each application.   A detailed rationale for any experiential learning program lasting more than twelve (12) months must be provided in the application documentation, clearly outlining the need for the extended period and the benefits it will generate for the learning program being envisioned. In all cases, the experiential learning program must commence prior to December 15, 2018.

Fellowship Applications Closing Date

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Origins of the Fellowship

Born in Rangoon, Burma (now Myanmar) in 1932, Hugh Morris was a renowned geologist, philanthropist, industry leader, and science supporter. While studying in South Africa in the early 1950’s, Hugh was awarded the Chamber of Mines Gold Medal and Travelling Research Scholarship, which enabled him to travel across North America. On that trip, he visited more than 65% of the continent’s mines and leading research institutions, an experience that profoundly shaped his future.  The Hugh Morris Experiential Learning Fellowship has been created to honour his legacy and inspire the next generation to begin their journey. Where will your journey take you?


Where will your journey take you?

About the Fellowship

The Hugh Morris Fellowship supports a graduate student at a Canadian University to undertake a program of self-guided travel and experiential learning for studies related to earth, geology, environment, water, alternative energy, climate change, sustainability, or the social impact, social sciences or design sciences concerned with earth, sustainability or environmental issues.

Student Type: Masters and PhD Students

Funding Amount: $40,000

Application Deadline: February 28, 2018 (4:30 pm PST)