A Solar Highway

Image Source:  Reuters: Benoit Tessier. A highway in China is made up of solar panels, optimizing space. Is it practical? Probably not, but it is cool. Learn More.

Lab Grown Meat

Image Source: Digital Trends. A new technique for artificial meat improves taste and texture and was inspired by cotton candy. Learn More. Learn the Science.

Policies for Climate Change

An interesting forum is occurring today around potential policies in the fight against climate change. On October 23, The Hamilton Project at the Brookings Institution and Stanford Institute for [...]

Automation and Climate Change

Image Source: Image: REUTERS/Stringer TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY. How will the rise of tech and the Internet of Things (IoT) change the way our factories work? How will that affect our greenhouse [...]

Edible Coffee Cups

Image Source: Cupffee website. Finally, an accompaniment to paper straws. While the elimination of plastic straws was a first step towards single use plastic reduction in the beverage industry, [...]

Recycling Robots

Image Source: CNBC Robots are cleaning up our trash. A new program in the US is using robotics and neural networks to sort recycling with high efficiency and accuracy. Learn More.

Cleaning up After Big Name Brands

The world’s largest consumer goods companies are creating plastic waste that piles up in landfills and oceans. And their logo is everywhere. While they have been working hard to improve [...]

UK Company Grows its Furniture

Image Source: Full Grown A UK Company – Full Grown – is planting, pruning and growing its furniture line-up of chairs, tables and lamps. Orders are being accepted for furniture that [...]