Iceland: A Geothermal Hot Spot

When you think of geothermal energy, Iceland immediately comes to mind. Situated on a segment of mid-ocean ridge fortuitously intersected by a mantle plume, the heat flow is very high, and [...]

Tree Planting Drone Fights Carbon

A new innovation by BioCarbon Engineering aims to plant 1 billion new trees per year!  Through drone based terrain analysis and seedling planting, mass reforestation can occur effectively and [...]

Drinking Water Made from Air

A new start up is changing the way we get energy and water. Applying thermodynamics, materials science, and controls technology, SOURCE needs only sunlight and air to make drinking water. Founded [...]

Integrated Greenway – The Ray

A “regenerative highway ecosystem” called The Ray will cover nearly 30km of road with solar panels that feed power into roadside EV charging stations. The holistic highway model will [...]

Smart Ice

SmartICE is the world’s first climate change adaptation tool to integrate traditional knowledge of sea ice with advanced data acquisition and remote monitoring technology.  The unique, [...]