Sediment-hosted minerals deposits tour blog part 10

Bergslagen Zn – Cu – Pb district, Sweden

Bergslagen deposits are unique as the result of a particular combination of geological processes taking place in the Fennoscandian shield between 1.89 – 1.84 Ga. Interplay between shallow volcanism juxtaposed on a platform marine carbonates and siliciclastic rocks in a back-arc setting has resulted in a variety of deposits, some of which have been mined as far back as the 1300’s. Spending time in the field at Garpenberg, Zinkgruvan, Lovisagruvan, Falun, Sala and Stollberg deposits with collaborators Nils F Jansson Tobias C. Kampmann and Iain Pitcairn certainly helps to see through effects of high metamorphic grades and structural complexities. This was followed up by an excellent workshop at Stockholm University. Sweden has also done a great job of preserving mining history and promoting the importance of metals in society. Many thanks to New Boliden, Lundin Mining and Lovisagruvan for granting us access to their modern mining facilities which set an example for all others to follow! Tak!



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