A Summer Spent in the Trenches

It has been a busy, busy summer! Since early May, I think I have spent a grand total of 4 weeks at home in Edmonton, and for the rest I’ve been occupied with TA’ing field school, [...]

Solar / Wind Energy Success Story

UN Climate Change (@UNFCC) It took 40 years to reach the 1st trillion watts of installed #wind & #solar generation capacity. @BloombergNEF expects the next trillion watts to be installed in [...]

Extremely Hot Summer

Inside Climate News (@insideclimate) There shouldn’t be any doubt that some of the deadliest of this summer’s disasters are fueled by weather extremes linked to global warming, [...]

Youth Take Action

UN CLIMATE CHANGE (@UNFCC) Young generations will suffer the most from #climatechange impacts globally. Teenagers marched this past weekend in many cities across the United States calling for [...]