Sediment-hosted Ore deposits blog part 9

Gordon Research Conference (GRC) and Gordon Research Seminar (GRS): Geochemistry of Mineral Deposits.
The GRC/GRS is a state-of-the art, in-depth look at our current understanding of geochemistry related to virtually all of the mineral systems on earth.I feel very privileged to have attended this biennial event which features a mix of industry leaders (chief geologists from virtually every major mining and mineral exploration company), leading scientists from all over the globe and and early-career researchers discussing the newest ideas on how mineral deposits form.

The intimate setting at the GRC (130 people, all pictured here) allowed for phenomenal interaction amongst my peers and stimulating discussions with virtually everyone I interacted with. It is truly humbling to see that the leaders in our community are willing to learn from everyone, including and especially the youth!

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