Facts and Statistics

European Environment AgencyData, Maps & Stats
EuroStat – Climate Change Statistics for Europe
Global Carbon Atlas – Interactive Map with Data
NASAVital Signs of the Planet
The Nature Conservancy10 Climate Change Facts
National Wildlife FoundationFast Facts about Climate Change
Resource Watch – Climate Change Statistics
Statistics CanadaClimate Change in Canada
UN EnvironmentEmissions Gap Report 2018
WorldometersWorld Statistics

Great Information Websites

Climate CentralNews and Research
Climate Signals – Learn How Climate Change is Affecting Your World
Environmental Defense – Issue Reports & Guides
EU Paris Agreement – Climate Action
Inside Climate NewsClimate Change Articles from Around the Globe
NASAGlobal Climate Change
National GeographicClimate Change
NOAA National Centers for Environmental InformationGlobal Climate Change Indicators
One Earth – Ocean Deoxygenation: A Primer
Science News – Latest Research on Climate Change
Scientist in Residence – Climate Change (Grade 5-7) Lessons
Stockholm Environment InstituteReports, Articles & Research
TED TalksClimate Change Playlists
WHO – Climate Change & Health
World Economic ForumClimate Change


Make a Difference

BC Science WorldBC Green Games Competition 
Climate Generation – Act Now
Curbed – 101 Ways to Fight Climate Change

Environmental DefenseYoung Reporters for the Environment Competition
Environmental Youth Alliance Programs for Youth
Extinction Rebellion – Act Now
Fridays for Future – Time to Act
Global ShapersThe Power of Youth
UN Take Action
1 Million Women –¬†Low Carbon Life Challenge

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