Facts and Statistics

European Environment AgencyData, Maps & Stats
EuroStat – Climate Change Statistics for Europe
Global Carbon Atlas – Interactive Map with Data
NASAVital Signs of the Planet
The Nature Conservancy10 Climate Change Facts
National Wildlife FoundationFast Facts about Climate Change
Resource Watch – Climate Change Statistics
Statistics CanadaClimate Change in Canada
UN EnvironmentEmissions Gap Report 2018
WorldometersWorld Statistics

Great Information Websites

Carbon BriefClear on Climate
CBC PodcastsWhat on Earth? with Laura Lynch
Climate CentralNews and Research
Climate Signals – Learn How Climate Change is Affecting Your World
Environmental Defense – Issue Reports & Guides
EU Paris Agreement – Climate Action
Guardian (The)Environment
iNaturalistA Community for Naturalists
Inside Climate NewsClimate Change Articles from Around the Globe
NASAGlobal Climate Change
National GeographicClimate Change
NOAA National Centers for Environmental InformationGlobal Climate Change Indicators
One Earth – Ocean Deoxygenation: A Primer
Science News – Latest Research on Climate Change
Scientist in Residence – Climate Change (Grade 5-7) Lessons
Stockholm Environment InstituteReports, Articles & Research
TED TalksClimate Change Playlists
The World’s Largest LessonSDG School Resources
WHO – Climate Change & Health
World Economic ForumClimate Change

Fake News / Skeptics Arguments

[It is always good to be aware of outlying provocative thoughts so as to sharpen our own understanding and realize that sometimes one of the biggest challenges to climate change is simply to get others to see the facts. Find out what the skeptics believe.]

Climate Depot


Make a Difference

BC Science WorldBC Green Games Competition 
Climate Generation – Act Now
Curbed – 101 Ways to Fight Climate Change

Environmental DefenseYoung Reporters for the Environment Competition
Environmental Youth Alliance Programs for Youth
Extinction Rebellion – Act Now
Fridays for Future – Time to Act
Global ShapersThe Power of Youth
UN Take Action
1 Million Women –¬†Low Carbon Life Challenge

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