Vicky Vanthof

Doctoral Candidate, University of Waterloo

Surface Water Resources from Space:

Using Big Data to Address Local Needs in a Changing Climate

Vicky's Experiential Plan

Ensuring adequate quantities of freshwater is critical for a sustainable future, yet reliable data is scarce, especially in developing regions where monitoring networks and capacity are lacking. Vicky Vanthof – a doctoral candidate at the University of Waterloo researching water storage estimation in small reservoir structures using satellite remote sensing estimation observations – will be travelling to three continents to develop a comprehensive understanding of how big data analytics can be leveraged for improved water resource management of reservoir rainwater harvesting (RWH) structures in less developed countries (LDCs). The goal of her Hugh C. Morris Experiential Learning Program is to make multidisciplinary connections between scientists who produce, evaluate and apply, remote sensing information, and the decision-making end-users (managers and stakeholders) who can use this information. Her research and ELP will strengthen water security for thousands of rural villagers in southern India that are reliant on reservoir surface water storage for their survival.

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April 21, 2022 Hi Everyone, It’s been sometime since I posted here. Over two years actually, which is challenging for me to comprehend. Like so many others, COVID was very difficult and has delayed my research. Not only the travel piece but also the ability to network and feel connected during an already challenging PhD […]

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