Meet the Hugh C. Morris Fellows


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Fellows on the Move

Loay Jabre

Doctoral Candidate, Dalhousie University


A big journey across a tiny cell: exploring phytoplankton growth in a changing climate

Jeremiah Vallotton

Doctoral Candidate, Memorial University


Carbon in global boreal and alpine soils under climate change-driven land use


Doctoral Candidate, The University of British Columbia


The catalyzing polyp: a new perspective on jellyfish blooms

Former Fellows

Kyle Henderson

Doctoral Candidate, McGill University


Metalliferous black shales: a source of critical metals to safeguard a sustainable future

Vicky Vanthof

Doctoral Candidate, University of Waterloo

Vicky Vanthof, Doctoral Candidate, University of Waterloo

Surface Water Resources from Space: Using Big Data to Address Local Needs in a Changing Climate

Kaj Sullivan

Doctoral Candidate, Queen’s University

Kaj Sullivan, 2018 Hugh C. Morris Fellowship

Isotope Geochemistry: A Journey in Versatility and Innovation

Theron Finley

Master’s Student, University of Alberta

Theron Finley, 2018 Hugh C. Morris Fellowship

Bringing Global Geothermal Energy Expertise Back to Canada

Neil Fernandes

Doctoral Candidate, Queen’s University

Neil Fernandes, 2018 Hugh C. Morris Fellowship Recipient

Mineral Deposits in Sedimentary Rocks Around the World

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