3D Printed Bus

Image: All3DP Olli, a 3D printed, driverless and electric vehicle created by General Motors is being tested at the University of Buffalo. Learn More!

Full Cycle Bioplastics

Working together Full Cycle Bioplastics, Elk Packaging, and Associated Labels and Packaging have developed a compostable high-performance material from renewable materials, agricultural [...]

Best named energy invention ever

Image: WITT (Whatever Input to Torsion Transfer) converts motional energy into electricity.WITT ENERGY Witt Energy, a U.K.-based startup, have invented a new energy technology that may prove to [...]

Purified Water in 60 Minutes

Guoxiu Wang of the University of Technology Sydney and colleagues have created an ultrathin a 2-D sheet of graphitic carbon nitride, that releases electrons when illuminated to create destructive [...]