Mr. Fernandes goes to Ottawa

Fortunate to spend the last week learning at the Geological Survey of Canada hosted by Mike Gadd and Jan Peter, among others. I spent the week looking at samples from a variety of sediment-hosted mineral deposits from across Canada including the classic Sullivan and Tom SEDEX zinc-lead-silver systems, as well as carbonate-hosted (MVT and Irish-style) deposits of the Kootenay Arc (Pend Oreille + Mac-Reeve), as well as the Windy Craggy VHMS system. The GSC also functions as an important base for fundamental geoscience research and I was able to visit the world-class LA-ICP-MS and SHRIMP facilities. I was also able to meet with workers in indigenous affairs to understand how the GSC and geoscientists play a key role in developing our relationships with First Nations across the country. I also gave a presentation of my PHD research! #kffellows

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