Experiential Learning in Namibia: Rosh Pinah Zinc Mine Geology

Sediment-hosted ore deposits tour blog Rosh Pinah Zn-PB-Ag-Ba Mine, Trevali Mining Corporation, Namibia

Part 1a: Drill core and underground mine samples. The classic Rosh Pinah deposit in the Gariep Belt of southern Namibia. A deposit hosted by siliclastic sediments (arkoses to argillites with turbiditic affinities from a slope environment) deposited in a failed rift graben. Subsequently deformed with multiple generation s of folding associated with the Damara Orogeny. A variety of styles of mineralizatassocitedated with feeder zone breccias, syn-sedimentary/diagenetic mineralization, as well as replacement and remobilization textures. Lots of Fe-poor and Fe-rich sphalerite, as well as galena, barite, pyrrhotite, chalcopyrite and some bornite. people tend to argue about end member models for its genesis. I wonder if if ia SEDEX system that was overprinted by VMS-style alteration



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