Review Process – How Will Applications Be Judged?

The Kimberley Foundation Board of Directors will undertake an initial review of applications and develop a short list of candidates. As part of the review process, the Foundation, at its discretion may undertake confidential independent review of any application to determine the scientific or partnership merit of the proposed Experiential Learning Program. Final evaluation of shortlisted applicants may include interviews with the applicant (by skype or other electronic means), and may include reference checks, with knowledge of these provided to the applicant, as selected by the Kimberley Foundation Board of Directors.

The criteria for decision-making will be as follows:

  • Excellence in research in one of the eligible fields for entry
  • Leadership experience (of complex research projects or other comparable experiences)
  • Clarity, ease and excellence of communication
  • Demonstrated desire to create social or community benefit through research innovation
  • Viability of Experiential Learning Program

Further, the award will be granted to the candidate who demonstrates excellence in the above areas and who submits the most compelling plan of learning. The applicant must demonstrate that the Experiential Learning Program will be transformative for the awardee, and that it has the potential to lead to novel research, disruptive advances in the discipline, or innovations resulting in long term societal benefit.

Decisions of the Kimberley Foundation are final and are not subject to review. In the event that no applications meet the criteria for the fellowship in a given year, the Foundation may choose at its sole discretion not to make an award.

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