Pat Morris was an extraordinary, multi-talented individual.  Following are just a few aspects of her stand-out qualities.


Pat cherished all knowledge and literature. She was responsible for starting the first book club in Kimberley, no fluff fiction for her, instead a thorough study of Plato’s Dialogues, Aristotle’s treatises and many other works of great philosophers and historical thinkers. After raising a family, she pursued her own degree studying History at Langara College, in Vancouver, B.C.


A fierce competitor, Pat excelled in athletics, especially badminton and bowling, winning many trophies and titles as a young adult.

Committed to Service

Never a day went by when Pat Morris was not lending a hand or working in a service capacity for others. Her volunteer work was seemingly endless. From Canadian Cancer Society campaigns, to Delta Assist, to patterning with autistic children, to charitable work through her Sorrority (Beta Sigma Phi), she was the epitome of a service leader to her immediate community and beyond.

A Woman of Grace

There are many people who command a room when entering. Some by their physical presence, some by their position and stance of authority. Pat Morris commanded the room with the quiet possession of a great wit, an unparalleled compassionate heart, and a deep interest in all with whom she conversed (be they students or world leaders). She was quite simply the embodiment of “grace”.

An Admirer of the Arts

There was no artistic form that Pat did not love. A life-time lover of the arts, Pat sought out art in all its forms: music, stage, dance, craft, and design. She was extremely fond of Shakespeare (on and off stage), and long-held season tickets to the Vancouver Symphony. While travelling abroad, no art gallery went unvisited, and no stage-opportunity was missed.

World Traveller and History Buff

Pat Morris loved to travel and saw all journeys (distant and near) as an opportunity to learn, to experience, and to immerse herself in the traditions, histories and peoples of other lands.  She travelled extensively throughout Europe, came to life on safari in Africa, ventured to remote regions of Australia and New Zealand, and explored the vastness of the United States and Canada.

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